Feels lost some times

Hey Sean,

First the friendly introduction:

You have been some kind of a hero for me in the past years. I started studying " International Media And Entertainment Management" 5 years ago and finished by the beginning of this year. Now I'm in eSports career wise and it was the best decision ever. Anyhow: I have the feeling you developed. I kept up your daily format and did some events but I really have the feeling you try to be more available to the masses. For people who are not just into Starcraft but also into other stuff. I don't know your long term strategies / goals but I somewhat get the feeling that you are losing a bit of your core fan base because of the shifting - and you are not yet that super magnet like to non Starcraft fans who don't know you yet. This is why I have the feeling that, sometimes during your casts, ... you feel somehow less concentrated and a bit over the top funny. I know: I'm a man of numbers and just talking about my "feeling" doesn't make it a truth but... it just doesn't feel that authentic anymore. I will still continue watching and I really like your show but I somehow it lost something