honestly, f your patriotism.

Why do you even write? And who the fuck gives a fuck about your opinion of patriotism? you dont even read/listen to what he says :S.

Now to Matsubara's post. "The news" job is always to look for certain things that can scare people. Like pointing out what kind of food there is cancer in. Telling you that somebody got murdered. or that your son is playing a deadly game on the computer that will make him a murderer. 

Even though the newspaper themselves doesnt believe in all the things they write about. They do write about it, because it gives more readers. Because thats what people want to read

But still... there are stupid people who believe in everything that is written in those papers and magazines. AND THAT... is the sad part. And there will always be, because it exist people for everything. 

And its the same for every country. For instance: The murders in norway with Breivik. The gaming companies was also accused at this point because he practiced his shooting in "COD" before killing those children at "Otoya". Somebody said "Call of duty is brainwashing people to become psychos." and then another one said:

"If you count everyone who plays Call of duty and then count everyone who lives in Norway. You will see that it lives less people in the country ... than people who plays the game all over the world. 

that means that you have a higher percentile to become a massmurderer if your a Norwegian, than if you play call of duty."