Gnawed To Death - Deck

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Hi Everybody:

This is a Druid deck I sort of stumbled upon and would like to improve.  The essence of the deck is quick action and lots of little things that is meant to overwhelm an opponent early.  Keep in mind this is made cards I am able to easily acquire.  Please critique.  I look forward to constructive suggestions.

I had a Gelbin Mekkatorque, but took him out when he summoned an invention that proceeded to heal my opponent for 6 health a turn.

Innervate X 2

Claw X 2

Naturalize (I would like another one)

Mark of the Wild X 2

Wild Growth X 2

Wrath X 2

Murloc Tidehunter X 2

Healing Touch X 2

Savage Roar X 2

Imp Master (I would like another one)

Raid Leader X 2

Razorfen Hunter X 2

Swipe X 2

Dragonling Mechanic X 2

Starfire X 2

Stormwind Champion X 2

Ironbark Protector (Thinking of taking him out)