Hello! This is me!

I'm already in my last year of high school and I'm trying to juggle all my stuff!

1. My memory - it may not seem like much but I rarely forget anything. Some people hate me for it because it makes studying for knowledge heavy subjects like biology and even math really easy for me. I have tricks I'd be willing to share.

2. I'm not really extraordinarily experienced in anything in particular but I am very used to leaving my comfort zone (If that is helpful). I have a few philosophies that allow me to try new things and dedicate myself to it (also I do have a decent foundation in classical singing... if that is helpful)

3. Speaking to authority figures (I have people anxiety [sometimes I get so nervous when I talk to someone I don't realize what they're saying]) {But if your my friend I'm generally cool [I hope :P]} 

4. I'm trying to get into a really good medical university (in US or UK) {maybe Canada because I like Canada} so I'd be very appreciative of any advice.