Protoss imba

This was me on my smurf vs my Team mate .. This toss is capable of easily taking out top 50 GMs and does frequently .. I am no where near his level but this enw style I got from Maru seems the only way to play .. You get amazing macro and doing some drops pulls toss from side to side then you can attack the 3rd etc .. TvP is incredibly hard for Terran .. As I still struggle myself .. But using the power of this build could help you a lot. You CAN NOT play PASSIVE versus protoss .. its the biggest NONO in the game .. Seriously. I was exactly like you being passive, but you need to learn to switching on the aggression .. You need to learn to multi task a lot to even stand a chance .. :/ 

But that's my input ..

Oh, and don't go late game TvP, you're dead. There's no two ways about it ...