It's a sad day....

Firstly, I want to thank Day 9 for producing the daily. I know that it can be a strenuous job and that there is a lot that goes into making the daily. 

The reason that today is a sad day is because i realized how I never watch the dailies anymore. Some of the reason is because I don't have time, or am busy doing schoolwork. The majority of it, though, is that there is no SC2 content anymore. While i know that the content is completely up to sean, and i respect that he may want to take breaks, I hope he realizes that some of us watched him because of the game he was analyzing. By cutting the content completely, I feel like I have been alienated. I don't like watching twitch streams where I watch someone play something, because my reasoning is that I could just go play it myself. With SC2, though, there is a huge learning curve. This is where Day9 helped. He gave detailed analysis, and then on mondays we got to dick around. I miss that. And who knows, maybe Funday Monday and Newbie Tuesday and the SC2 content will ramp up again, and I'm sure it will (hopeful it will). Until that day comes, though, I hate to say that I can't watch the show. I can't stand Hearthstone, and as said before, I don't like watching people play games.

Once again, I respect sean for going in a different direction, and wish him and everyone that is associated with the Day 9 Dailies well in their future endeavours. I'll see you when the SC2 content is back up to where it used to be, which is hopefully soon.