Gold Zerg cant win ZvT

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^ as title says i literally cant win ZvT unless my opponent goes pure MMM

What usually happens is the Terran turtles on 2 - 3 bases depending on the map with siege tanks + turrets + sometimes a few thors and walls off his front with buildings.

Suffice to say if i attack him i die no matter what my army looks like.

This also means i can pretty much not scout the terran because i die instantly when i try to fly ovies /mutas in 

He then proceeds to max his army and steamrolls me with whatever composition he comes up with.

I have lost several times to opponents who just mass thors and attack with around 8-12 thors + scvs + some leftovers

Other compositions i have lost to are...

Thor + Banshee + Hellion , Thor + Marauder + Hellion and of course MMM + Tanks. Usually with some scvs mixed in.

I usually outmacro him by at least 1 base but the issue remains that my maxed army melts to his max army. I lost a game where the other guy went 3 base and literally MAXED on thors - i sent about 5 waves of maxed lings and they just died without killing even 1 thor.

I always get upgrades reasonably fast with double evo. Sometimes i go with melee sometimes ranged doesnt matter - no matter what i do i die.

My army usually consists of: 3-5 max energy infestors for good aoe dps vs MM + around 10 roaches  that i get for hellions + whatever i decide to max out on as soon as i see his army move out - so far it never mattered what i build everything just dies. I can usually get a reasonably big second army after my 1st one died thanks to macro hatches but like the 1st army the second one dies as well without doing any damage to the terran army

The only thing i havent really tried so far is rushing to broodlords asap - Is this really the only way to beat terran? get T3 and then roflstomp him with Broods? Then again a few times i am pretty sure that i wouldnt have had enough time to tech up to broodlords anyway cuz it takes forever. (Like that Marauder Hellion thor push)

I tried going for Ultras a few times and they are reasonably good but the problem is that i cant scout him so i have no idea when his push comes or what his army composition looks like until he moves out. I cant tech into everything because thats too expensive. And theres really no point in Ultras when you see your opponent move out with 6-8 banshees -.-

^All of this is going to get even worse as soon as Hots comes out with the addition of the Hellbat and widow mines

derp :/ Any advise is appreciated.

Edith wonders how do i add replays? i found the insert button in the top but it doesnt let me add any attachments?!