[daily] Starcraft Content / Starbow

Shawn you become a different person when you are casting Starcraft.  You light up.  I feel how eager you are to share your understanding of the game with the world.  You want every one to see the glory of proper Starcraft play.  We understand you have a company to build.  And that Starcraft takes a lot out of you.

I and many more would be thrilled to see you play starcraft or cast a game once a week.  Or even once a month.
Starbow feels new.  Even though much is brood war, It had that new game feel.   If you sub'ed out one Hearth stone show a month for a Starbow ladder show with you or others your view ship would be very happy.

During your Starbow show there where many comments about how happy people where to see you casting analyzing Starcraft.   They where happy and this was not even real Starcraft.  
If it not too much work, or too distracting,    We would love to see more Starcraft and Starbow in the coming months.  1 or 2 shows would be very appreciated.


Mr Day[9] thank you for the great show.  We always like to see you back to your roots.  Back to Brood War or Broodwar like games.



Thanks !