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I've been on a similar run myself. My highest level was gold (though just through good placement games I think... I was losing everything, which may have contributed to my leaving.)

This season I placed bronze. It only took me a few wins to dust off the rust and get into silver on decent macro. Then came the mass losses. I got some advice to focus on always using my larvae ASAP and that turned everything around and I got promoted into gold. Then came the losing again of course, but that seemed to finally turn around with two major things: Scouting followed by proper response to all-ins/rushes/early aggression, and, if not being all-inned, a heavy focus on expanding quicker. I had good two base macro but was just always scared and never knew when to expand. Just that change has made my economy boom and now I'm back to the mostly winning stage again and am rank 1 gold. I've noticed even in gold that's a huge thing that people aren't doing, I often don't get my 3rd scouted until later, and many times my 4th is never scouted at all because it's just so unexpected. It's a huge edge at this level.

Now I'm really excited for my next promotion. I used to be nervous for it knowing it will bring the "This is where I lose a lot" period, but I think it will be really cool to feel confident with the areas I was working on and figure out what skills I'll be focusing on next.

PS - on an off-topic note, I really appreciated your response to the Maddelisk thread on r/starcraft yesterday. Was a breath of fresh air.