Favorite Player Streams

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I'd love if people could throw out some of their favorite players to watch stream. As a Terran, I mainly follow Terran pros (Still sad SeleCT moved to Dota2) but the person I wanted to shoutout is actually Zerg.

So I followed ROOTVibe on Twitch after his interview on Day[9] recently, but didn't actually get a chance to watch him till this morning. I was really impressed, he casually threw out that he wasn't great at playing at talking at the same time, and then proceeded to play a game with the best live player commentary I think I've run across. He's very good at describing his thought process as he goes and his reactions to his opponent. He also has a manageable amount of viewers so is good about answering questions between games.

Even as a Terran I feel like I get a lot out of watching him, just in understanding the Zerg thought process. Definitely recommend. His stream is here.

So who do YOU watch?