Exclusive: Promoting eSports + Day[9] in Seoul

Hiya Day[9] community,

As a long time fan, it's great to being posting on these boards for the first time. My name is Jason Yu and I live in Seoul, KR, the land of eSports, kimchi, and K-pop.

I recently had the honor to interview Day[9]  while he was in Korea for the WCS (World Championship Series) about two weeks ago. We did an exclusive called "How eSports event in Korea can turn (nearly) anyone into a fan" and his interview helped us understand the eSports scene a lot more. And as anyone that's met him can attest, Sean's a really cool person to meet.

As for myself, my team and I run a site called Green Tea Graffiti. Our mission is simply to promote Asia to the world, including eSports.

Please check out our exclusive + interview with Day[9]. It's quite embarrassing! And if you have any comments, we'd be honored to answer them. Thanks guys!

Enjoy! URL to the "eSports + Day[9] Interview"--> http://bit.ly/11OgYQg

Cheers,                                                                                                                                                                                     -- Jason