Indeed, the audio was quite hard to hear

  (Edited: )

Hi Kai,

Yeah, the sound wasn't the greatest :(. Originally, we were going to interview Day[9] after the whole WCS tourney in a quieter place, but we weren't guaranteed an interview (since he's a very busy guy).

So, about 10 minutes before the WCS finals, we just went up to him (with OnGameNet and Blizzard's approval) and asked him for an interview. The result was a noisy interview, as you saw :).

The English subs should be understandable, yes? (My English gets worse the more I stay in Korea)

As for the unusual interview, we tried to stay away from strategy or tactics. We tried to make it fun for Day[9], rather than scream imbalance or ask the usual questions asked of him.

Thanks for the feedback Kai and we hope you and the other views enjoyed it. 

-- Jason