A Friendly Guide for Forum Formatting and Content

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This is heading 2.

This is heading 3.

This is heading 4.

This is heading 5. 
This is heading 6.

This is Paragraph.

As you can see already, there are immense amounts of things you can do with the editor we have for the forums. What I am going to attempt to do now, is walk you through all of the features that we see right now, so that you can have an easier time putting your thoughts onto this site!

First off, let's describe what the system is in general. The system is a WYSIWYG system, which stands for What You See Is What You Get. This means that how you see your information put into here is the exact way you will see it when you post. The one exception to this is the Title section, which will automatically change the format of whatever you type to an impressive title.

Now, I could throw all sorts of content onto these pages. That's, in fact, what I did when I was volunteering for Day[9].tv helping to build up the archive section you see today. They were built with the same system that you get to use whenever, and however, you want. Take a look at this:


Guess how I did that? Just copy paste from a paint document. It was literally that simple. The way you can embed content into your posts with this system is astounding. Watch this:

Those images were all literally copy pasted right from google images, and that only took about 20 seconds. It is incredibly simple to get pictures into your posts from both the internet and from your computer into your forum posts.

Now, you might ask, what about videos? Same principle applies. Watch this:

I just took the link, and I copy pasted it into the document, and automatically, it's in there embedded. Genius. Even as I'm typing this, I'm watching the embedded link that I just copy pasted in my post. Let me repeat: you can play embedded Youtube videos before actually posting. How incredible is that? I will point out that when the video is playing, it can mess with your ability to do other things with your post, like type. (Mr. Tucker, if you're reading this, that's directed at you.) To rectify this, just click outside the box that designates where your post is, then click back inside of it. Still, despite this issue, that whole system is just incredibly badass.

The last thing I really want to discuss is how the different buttons work with the formatting. You already saw me do all of the possible headings at the top of the page. There's some other things you can do as well that are pretty cool.

Like any good text editor, you can use strong (aka bold), italics, something called emphasizesubscripts, superscripts, and strike-throughs. You can also add a link, and you can format an abbreviation.

You can control if your text is here,

or here!

  1. You can make numbered lists
  2. Just like this
  • Or bullet ones

You can also make a

Where you can put actual spoilers, or just use as an expandable menu to keep your post from being too big!
You can add this by clicking the WAI button in the top left, then clicking the table caption button, then editing it in the editor.
You can certainly insert a table!  There are so many things to add in tables!
 But not like the kind of table you eat on! :D

What you do with this text editor is up to you! I think I've covered most, if not all, of the main features of this text editor. So please, do your best and explore so that your posts can be more interesting and engaging.