Daily Topic Idea - Muta play by ROOTViBE


I found this replay on the root gaming website, and I thought it was pretty amazing how ViBE stuck with Mutalisks the whole game versus STBomber. It turned out to be a really helpful replacement to corruptors. The mutalisks were used to help take out the extensive drop play that Bomber employed, and were also essential to bringing the noise against Bomber when he was out of position. Another thing that was extremely impressive is how helpful the mutalisks were after he switched to Ultralisks, because Bomber started making a lot of marauders meaning that the mutalisks were even more effective.
The game I have there is a pretty good one, and takes around 40 minutes. However, it was the only game I found on short notice of ViBE doing this excellent strategy. If anyone finds another game of someone doing such a strategy, it would be super awesome!