DreamHack Winter 2012

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Well folks they're doing it again! DreamHack Winter 2012 is coming to Jönköping, Sweden, where the best of the best are

going to duke it out for an astounding 550,000 SEK (~$82,213 for those who don't live in Sweden).

For this tournament, here's what you need to know:

#1: When is it?

The tournament is going to be taking place from the 22nd of November until the 25th of November.

#2: Who's playing?

Right now, DreamHack has said that there will be a total of 24 players in the Starcraft II tournament. 20 have been announced so far.


Those 20 players are: 

                          TaeJa (T)                                                         Stephano (Z)                                                          TheStC (T)


                           SjoW (T)                                                              MaNa (P)                                                             Bly (Z)


                          SaSe (P)                                                          StarNaN (P)                                                          Socke (P)                                       

                      Nerchio (Z)                                                                 DIMAGA (Z)                                                   TargA (Z)


                                   TLO (Z)                                                        monchi (P)                                                     ThorZaIN (T)


                          ForGG (T)                                                             Ret (Z)                                                                 HerO (P)


                                                          NaNiwa (P)                                                                   fraer (P)



#3: What else is being played?


TL;DR : Watch this.