Indie Games

Indie Games. What can you say? They're cheap, fresh, and most of the time they're damn good. Here's a list of reviews I made of the top 3 indie games that I own!

Limbo. This was probably my first real introduction to indie games. I was looking for a game to buy for cheap, and I stumbled upon this. Even though the playthrough only took me 6 hours, I loved every minute of it. That style, those puzzles, that ending, it all led me to the conclusion that this wasn't just a game, it was a work of art. Limbo - 9/10.

Braid. What a game indeed! It's like Prince of Persia on steroids. Braid takes the concept of time reversal, makes reversal unlimited, and adds a whole slew of new mechanics in as well that all play on this concept of manipulating with time. Combined with a deep story, this puzzle game makes for one hell of an indie game! Braid - 9.5/10.

Bastion. The first thing I gotta say is that voice. That voice. It's like my life is being narrated by a grouchy Morgan Freeman. That aspect alone already makes this a wonderful game to play. But it's not just that. The makers also put you in a world where you never fully understand the whole picture. Combine that with great mechanics, and this makes for one great Action/Adventure/RPG game! Bastion - 9/10.

These games were amazing for me, and hopefully they'll be amazing for you guys too! Post any other indie games that are just as good as these for low cost!