Suggestions for Warhound Balance

  (Edited: )

With Blizzard bringing back the Warhound, obviously there will be some balance concerns. After much consideration, I have brainstormed some possible fixes to the Warhound to make this a better playing experience.

The Warhound ought have the following changes:

Warhounds are now be able to fly since being a ground unit allows too many units to attack it.

Warhounds are now invisible units since they get shy and blush when the enemy can see them.

Warhounds now come equipped with the activated ability to spawn two additional Warhounds at a target location.

Warhounds now cost zero supply, and also increases your supply cap by 10, and can expand the supply cap up to 9000.

Warhounds can now be built out of any structure, including supply depots and destructible rocks. 

Warhounds now cost negative resources to build, giving you more resources upon building a Warhound.

Warhounds now count as biological units, and now can be healed by medivacs and also by any other unit that feels like it.

Warhound attack animation now constitutes throwing battlecruisers at the opponent, which manage to fire off a Yamato cannon before crashing into the target.

Warhounds can now plant widow mines.

I understand if you think these changes are limited, and I'm perfectly willing to accept more possibilities to make the Warhound a more balanced unit.