Funday Monday Tournament Registration is Finally OPEN!

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TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED!  Thank you all so much for wanting to participate, we have over 180 teams signed up!  Really looking forward to this event.  Keep your eyes peeled for live casting info :)

Since there was such a huge interest in the Funday Monday Tournament topic I posted a couple months ago, I partnered up with some fantastic people and really took the time to figure out what we wanted to do so that we could have an awesome event!  Now we are ready to accept teams and get this thing rolling!

Here's how the format is going to work.  The whole thing will be teams of 2.  So, 2v2's Best of 3 for each round.  If one partner is platinum league or higher they MUST be paired with someone in bronze or silver.  Please please please no smurfing, we want this to be fun for everyone!

Each round we will announce 5 different Funday topics.  During your games for that round, your team may pick one of the topics to play.  Both players on the team MUST do the same topic.  If you wish, you can pick a different topic for each game in the series, or you may do the same topic for all of the games as long as the topic is one of the 5 that was announced.  Any map currently on the ladder is acceptable to play on.

Once registration closes, the bracket located here will be filled out and it will be each team's responsibility to check and see who they are matched against for each round.  We will have a separate forum on another website which has a topic for each team registered.  All conversations regarding scheduling for when you will play your games should take place there.  This way the tourney moderators can reference that if there are any issues or discrepancies. 

After you play your 3 games, it is the WINNING TEAMS RESPONSIBILITY to send the 3 replays to by the deadline.

Last but not least, here's the registration form! (apparently there have been some issues with this link, here's the direct link

registration will close at 11:59PM PST on January 31st.   We will then take a week to get everyone organized, and round 1 will start February 16th.  The date of the finals will depend on how many teams sign up.  Additional information regarding deadlines and topics will be emailed to participants after registration closes.

Oh, did I forget to mention.  There is a chance of Day[9] casting some of these games!  This will definitely be a fun event and we will be live streaming several matches throughout the entire thing.  So if you've ever wanted to participate in a tournament, but were too intimidated, this is a great opportunity for you to participate in one that is silly and lighthearted. 

Please post any questions you have here and we will be happy to answer them.