Funday Monday Tournament Round 2!

Round 2 has officially begun! Here's the info I emailed out.  If you are in round 2 and happened to not receive the email with all of this please let me know asap!

Same deal as before, find your match on Challonge (  look for the forum topic here ( and set up a time to play your games!  The deadline this round will be MARCH 2ND 11:59PM PST.  There was a bit of confusion last round on communication.  You are absolutely allowed to communicate with your opponents outside of the forum, however anything regarding the time you are playing needs to be posted there and confirmed by both teams.  This way we can keep track of that in case there are disputes.

All Races!
Only Air - You can only build units that can fly! The only exceptions are workers and zerg can have 1 Queen per hatch.
Only Spellcasters - You can only build units that have mana (anything with the purple energy bar)! Units with cooldown abilities DO NOT COUNT (eg stalkers).  Exceptions are workers, overloards, warp prisms, observers. 

No Stalkers - You cannot build any stalkers!  Everything else is fair game.

Battlecruiser Rush - You must build a Battlecruiser before expanding!  You do not have to wait for your teammates Battlecruiser to be completed before you expand, just your own.  Same the other way, if your teammate completes their Battlecruiser, you must wait until YOURS is done to expand.

Mass Queen - You must build Queens consistently throughout the game.  Other units are allowed, but Queens must take up the vast majority of your unit composition.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the beginning of your games, please state in ALLY chat which topic you are doing.  This makes for easier viewing of replays.

The winner is responsible for submitting the replays to me ( by the deadline.  When submitting you must do the following:

The Subject Line should read "Round 2 Team1 vs Team2 2-1"

In the email include your team's name, the in game names of the players on your team, and which topics you did each game. Example : "Hey we are team 1, player1 & player2.  We beat team 2 and used Topic A for game 1 and won, Topic C for game 2 and lost, and Topic A again for game 3 and won."

Last please rename your replays to use this format"Team1vsTeam2-G1"

Looking forward to a great round 2!  If you have questions please refer to the FAQ ( and post any questions you have here (