Funday Monday Tournament?

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WE HAVE OPENED REGISTRATION!  Please see this post for more details!

SUPER UPDATE: Holy crap this took off.  A few people have said that they are willing to help organize/cast/etc..., could those people please email me at  I want to get a huge thread going where we can discuss all of the stuff that needs to happen.  I'm super excited :D

Hello everyone, I have a question for y'all.  Is there any interest in a Funday Monday Tournament?

I was thinking over the past week that it would be a ton of fun.  It could go a couple of different ways.  Before each series each player would be randomly assigned a funday topic and have to execute it in the best of 3.  The other way is before the tournament each player would be assigned a topic and have to do that for the duration of the tournament.  Obviously this would require some amount of balancing.  

I would absolutely love to organize something like this, but to do so I'm going to need some help!  First I want to see how high the interest is for something like this.  If it's high enough lets see if we can make it happen :)

UPDATE:  Seems like there is a fair amount of interest in participation for this!  Next step would be getting the word out to more people.  Obviously if we could get Sean involved in any way whatsoever the popularity of this would skyrocket, but I realize that may be a lot to ask.  Ideally that's the end goal, but we shall see!

Is anyone interested in helping me organize?  Picking dates, setting up a place to sign up, casting (if Sean is not involved), etc..