Fun game needed!

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So the background to this post is that for the last 3/4 years i haven't played a game for "fun". I've been playing counterstrike and Starcraft competitively and i derive my " fun" from winning. In a moment of reflection last night i thought to myself that it would be cool to go and download a game on steam, one that is fun, easy to drop in and out off. Something i can play to chill out, you know?

So i browsed steam and i couldn't find anything to satisfy me.

Limbo - Looks fantastic and has great reviews but its very short (3-5hr completion) seems a bit of a waste of money (im a student funds are in short supply)

Diablo 3 - Looks fun but you have to play it so i can't play on the move with no internet.

games i used to love when i was younger were:

Spellforce , Goldeneye, Sonic, Mariocart 64, Sims 1, Pokemon Red - a wide variety of genres.

So it's up too you the community to post below what you think i should buy.

(Have fallout 3, Mass effect 1/2 and Witcher 2 - good games but want something that will require a bit less effort)