Sc2 is still the greatest RTS game to date

Hello Day 9. I have watched your videos since WOL days. I remember when I started playing SC2, i was so lost and did not even know which race to play. The first few games I played were against my cousin and I think we played over 20 games and since he had more knowledge about the game he probably beat me 18 out of 20 times we played. That was a big motivation for me and started playing on ladder, and due to my knowledge in broodwar, I was placed in gold (this was in 2012). However, I did not know how i could improve my skills and started asking my friends, and one of my co worker asked me if I ever watched day 9, and I was like what's that?? This is how I started watching your channel and acquired all the mechanics and tactics to improve my skills. in 2013 I was placed in diamond in WOL and continued to be (stuck) on Diamond in HOTS and started getting stressful playing the game so I kinda stopped playing and once LOTV came out I started to play HOTS again and just a few weeks ago (Jan 2017) I was promoted to MASTERS. This was all possible due to your teachings. However, I noticed you have stopped this for  LOTV. I really needed some guidance to maintain my status since there is so much change in LOTV. I know that some people would just say it's just 2 new units per race and 12 workers start. No matter what other people say or think, i think this changes the whole timings and new unit comp and how to approach and engage attacks and etc. Day 9, you are the best there is and I for one am still playing and wathcing the game, so please continue your videos and analysis on SC2. I NEED YOU.