Magic the Gathering noob

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So I live in eastern Pennsylvania and after the hurricane came by, our power went out. So me and my brother got some Magic cards; we've been interested for sometime, but I think Day9's (first) story about Magic pushed us to get it.

I love the game so far, I pretty sure I suck. It's cool starting something at the same time with my brother. I'm a lot better than him at Starcraft and he's far too good for me at Fighters; our third roommate plays League of Legends and I'm just not into that. We also got some of our friends (also without power) to join and we're all at the same level.

For all you computer nerds that don't already play I suggest you pick it up if you have some friends that would join. I'm on my computer most of the day so its a nice change of pace talking and playing with people. Anyone else play some Magic? it would be cool to have a small community of players here.