Some of his advice (as you phrased it) is good

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But other parts of it I think are strange. I never watched that episode, but if he really said 'the best thing to do is to get others to love what you love' I think that's a bit misguided. You shouldn't be trying to 'get' or 'persuade' other people to like what you do unless they're your parents in which case its somewhat necessary. Because that's a very needy type of attitude that can destroy your relationships (some people really won't like what you do and that's fine; one shouldn't force or pressure them to). I am highly skeptical that this is what Day 9 said but anyway..

It should just be about doing what you love and expecting that you will naturally attract or be around people who enjoy similar things. Of course the true difficulty is in finding your passion. I am still searching for mine, and am not sure that I truly have one. In some cases I think that people simply don't have a passion; that you do and you have found it is quite fortunate!

I think the message of not being ashamed of what you love is a really hard one to accept for the less common jobs (i.e. hey mom I'm going to be a professional gambler!). I'm glad you managed to work it out!