Who else is excited for Day9 trying SOMA :D

So as regular listeners may have heard, near the end of his Monday show (mostly walking), he stated that he is thinking that he is going to have to do a playthrough of Soma, which is a new horror game from the same creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Now that we know its going to happen (so this thread doesn't have to be closed down by any overzealous moderators, haha no I'm joking..OR AM I?? :P), LETS ALL CELEBRATE :D

I wish Day 9 the best of luck in his new horror adventure gaming experience. I remember him falling off his chair when the piggy in the latest Amnesia iteration attacked him. I know some people don't like it, but all I know is that every time he plays a game like this, he ends up going into hysterics at some point and everyone has a good time. He definitely (obviously) gets really scared, but with the lows come really great highs. Its like a rollercoaster!

Even though I'm just a non-sub plebian, I am really looking forward to it and the many hours of fun that Day 9 will inevitably have.

Love from Canada,