Manfred's measurements

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Alright guys, I need some help.

I already show my support by subscribing, but I wanted to go that extra mile by doing something special for our beloved buddy Manfred!

I am trying to make Manfred some holiday-themed sweaters (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc) , but I am pretty terrible at guessing measurements.

I sent Sean a friend request on Facebook, thinking that Facebook would prompt me to be like "Do you want to include a message" and then I could say "Hey! how fat is Manfred?", but it didn't prompt me :O , so there goes that! In hind-sight totally not the right way to go about getting the info that I need.

Does anyone know who I would have to contact to get Manfred's measurements? And where I would mail such sweaters to? Please help direct me as I am hoping to have a little sweater care-package for Manfred by Christmas!

If whomever is reading this has the info I am looking for, the measurements I need are Manfred's torso and arms (circumference & length, as well as the circumference of the largest part of his arm and the largest part of his head).

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you Day[9] Community <3