More 2v2 Daily Request / how does pz v pz work

Me (zerg) and my buddy (protoss) have been playing a lot of 2v2 recently.  We are rank 9 in diamond atm, but still climbing.  The main matchup we have trouble with is zp v zp, but honestly I think part of the problem is that I just don't know what to do verse zerg teams in general.  It has created this weird dichotomy where if the enemy doesn't have zerg we generally crush them easily, but if they have zerg we have stupid and/or crazy games.  

SO, I kinda want to ask Day9 if he can do another 2v2 week or at least some more 2v2 dailies, because I would much rather ladder with a buddy than by myself.  If Day9 can't/won't do that, I'd still like to ask some of his knowledgeable fans where I might go for help against teams with zerg?

Not sure how to attach a replay with this post (or if you can) but I uploaded our last zp v zp game.  If anyone wants to watch it and point out strategy errors, I'm all ears.