Mostly Walking: fan project. Looking for partners!


Hello everyone! My name is Justin. I am a relatively new member to the Day9 community (as of 2 months on Twitch, dudeman001). However I've been a lurker since Day9's Broodwar days back in 2008. I am also an amateur programmer trying to improve my skills in videogame development. As such, I love watching Mostly Walking and listening to 3 professional game developers commentate. So I figured, why not make a Mostly Walking game!

Where the game is now

After watching the playthrough of Gemini Rue, I looked into Adventure Game Studio, a free opensource game engine. It was rather simple to use, so I began level/puzzle design and coding. Using a few months of free time led me to where the game is now. The bare bones of the game are functional. All of the levels/puzzles are designed, but I am open to new suggestions. However, there are a few glaring issues that are the focus of this outreach:

Game Sample

As you can see from the above, I have truly NO art skills. In fact that is the only room screen with any real art done, the rest are just crude lines drawn to help develop the skeleton.

Who I'm looking for

I have very little art skill. I'm also inexperienced when it comes to audio. Therefore I'm looking for help creating the visual and audio assets for the game. You will have a great deal of artistic freedom in creating these assets, I don't intend on being an overbearing overlord. I figured I would ask the Day9 community to see if any fellow fans would like to join this project before I approach any outside groups.


The dream goal is to have the game ready by end of 2016 so Sean Sean and Bill could play it as a holiday special (if they're even willing to). If they're not interested, this will be a project for the enjoyment of the DayKnights. There will be no monetary gain from this project. I'm making this purely for fun. Therefore I want you to know that if you want to commit your time to help with this game, it will have to be truly free time. Once the game is complete anyone is free to use it as they wish. Wanna put it up on a portfolio online somewhere? Be my guest.

I initially though I could handle this project on my own, but alas everything in life is a team effort. If you'd like to join in, please let me know below or feel free to contact me at I'm also happy to answer any and all questions here!

Happy gaming :)