Forum Idea: Recommend/Up vote/like a Post

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So having used this forum for a brief time now, I kinda dig the whole "Youtube video comments" vibe I get from the layout or format. It feels like a continuation from Youtube, Blip, or what have we VOD comments.

Perhaps this forum would further benefit in some sections from a "like comment" kind of function (without FB or Reddit intervention, ya?) where we can uplike each others comments without having to reiterate through unnecessary posting.

  • In Funday Monday Topic Ideas, Day[9] would be able to more easily see what ideas are more popular up in here.
  • When we suggest games for him to play, he and crew see which are popular.
  • When there is feedback that many can relate with, they can show their relation without having to respond with a very lackluster "this".
  • Forums should be easier manageable I'd imagine. It'd look more like a forum and less like a slow chat room.
  • Because "F**k Yeah!?!?!"

I really hope the formatting of this post makes my idea more agreeable! =D=D=D