Playoffs and So You Think You Can Cast

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Hi all you dedicated blog followers :)

Season 3 is heading into playoff season!  Starcraft 2 is already prepping for the bracket finalizing Free For Alls, and League of Legends is wrapping up their round robin matches.  Remember that if you’ve missed any content, you can always find it at

Here's a quick update on the standings:
StarCraft 2:
League of Legends:
  • A League: Epic continues to reign undefeated, but the lower seeds are still in high contention.  With Zynga, Amazon, and IGN in such close contention, who will make the playoffs cut?
  • B League: Division 1 has given rise to a star Intel player, allowing them to boast only a single loss.  However, Division 2 has given birth to two undefeated teams: Security Metrics and Zenimax Online Studios.  Their clash is scheduled for March 10th, and only one team can claim the undefeated title!  Who will be victorious?

Just like the players, the casters are moving into their playoff period for our So You Think You Can Cast competition!  SC2 casters are competing for your votes during the playoffs, and it’s up to you to determine which casters will move on to the next round!  Voting will open the week of March 24th.

League of Legends voting will open the week of March 17, where two caster teams will be eliminated.  Get them any last minute feedback because there will be no turning back once votes are cast!

Check out our caster profiles here:

Who will rise and who will fall?
-Emily // delphyr