Welcome to Season 4!

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The time has finally arrived - it’s time to talk about Season 4!

With every season, we strive to make the AHGL experience more fun for all players and allow more people to play. This year we have a new format - one that allows players at all skill levels to enjoy the AHGL with even closer matches than last season. It also allows any number of teams from each company - so start recruiting!

  1. Companies will be allowed to submit *any* number of teams of 8-12 players each. 
  2. All teams will be placed into one large regular season pool.
  3. Teams will play a variant of Swiss matchmaking format* - you’ll be matched against teams with similar records each week to ensure close games all season.
  4. A playoff bracket where the top teams will compete for a $5000 donation towards the charity of their choice.
  5. A different playoff bracket, where the bottom teams will compete for a $1000 donation towards the charity of their choice.

What happened to B league, you may ask?  While it was a step in the right direction of allowing more players to have fun in the AHGL, it had it’s problems that many of you pointed out in our post-season survey. So while the ‘B-League’ name is no more, we see the new Swiss format as the next iteration on that idea. Instead of relying on somewhat arbitrary skill restrictions, we let your skill do the talking.

To re-iterate:

If you were planning on entering the B league, the new format will be even more fun for you so still enter! There will still be B league playoffs, and the regular season will pair you more evenly against similarly skilled teams this season. 

Other Important Notes:

  1. When multiple teams from the same company enter into the a playoff bracket, they will be paired against each other prior to the first round.
  2. To accommodate Swiss matchmaking, games will exclusively be played on Sunday, with few exceptions.  Each team will be allowed one reschedule request.  Should the other team not be able to accommodate the reschedule, both teams receive a loss.
  3. Registration fee will be $300 per team.

Registration will open within the next couple weeks, so stay tuned to the blog for when we go live.  In the meanwhile, get psyched and welcome to Season 4!

-Emily // delphyr

* We’ll discuss the exact version of Swiss in a future blog post.