Jaedong vs Her0 IEM Cologne game 5

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So I know the races are mathematically balanced and all that, but almost every tournament I see protoss win and now I see Jaedong vs Her0 IEM Cologne game 5. I see Jaedong be up a base and hold a half 4 gate very easily, then he holds the infamous immortal sentry all in from her0. At this point I'm ecstatic because i've been rooting for jaedong, and even the commentators are saying that jaedong has won but then Her0 comes in with a second immortal sentry "all in" while he is mined out his whole main base and somehow beats jaedong's theoretically better army and wins. Now I dont want to be that guy who is spamming "toss op" all over the chat but i can't help but feel that protoss is quite overpowered. So I am asking someone(it'd be awesome if day9 analyzed it) to explain what mistake jaedong made that let her0 win because i certainly didnt see any.