Being More Aggresive and General Help

Gold (recently promoted), Random

I've been going through a few of my last games and it worries me how little I'm interacting with my opponent in the first 15mins of a game, this goes when playing all 3 races. I seem to focus a lot on being extremely defensive, get to 3 base economy and tech, and either They attack into me, or I attack into them. I'd like to add some pressure within the first 10 mins of the game.

My general plan for the races are:

Terran (best race) - 
Reaper Expanding into bio + mine play
vs Protoss a little more marauder heavy with vikings
vs Zerg more marine and mine heavy
vs Terran, cut Mines and go Tanks instead

Protoss -
Gateway Expand - Blink Stalkers and Immortals

I need to learn to utlise sentries, I've had a bad time with them so have avoided them thus far. I also think I need to build more Zealots with how high my minerals float. Very little diversity between the match ups, I probably should go for coloussi in Zerg and Terran though.

Zerg (worst race) -
Depending on map, 15 hatch or pool, but aiming to get 3 base as soon as i can.
vs Zerg I want to get that roach count started as soon as I can especially If I think I've taken my third before his.
vs Protoss most seem to want to go very gateway heavy, so at the moment I've just been going a roach hydra composition, Id really like to do something else because I don't feel very safe, there have been games where they turn up to my base and there are no units.
vs Terran I don't feel comfortable enough to do Ling/Bane/Muta so I normally just try to out expand and go for long attrition game. Very very defensive setup with spines and spores and swarmhosts.

Here are a few replays, No Protoss games recently unfortunately.
Overgrowth Zerg vs Protoss:
Merry Go Round: Terran vs Protoss:
Deadwing Terran vs Protoss:
Any ideas of what I can do to improve would be much appreciated thank you