Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

I noticed on Twitter Sean's been playing some CS:GO. So I guess it would be nice to talk about it.

Strangely enough I was a FPS player first, RTS player second. I ventured through the Call of Duty's, Quake's before mainly finding my way through CS:S in 2007.

Spent a bit of time today getting into competitive Counter-Strike again.

I forgot how unforgiving this game is, every time you lose, its because you had bad positioning, incorrect crosshair placement etc. you can see opportunity to make the correct decision but every time you falter its damaging to the rest of your team.

Long go the days of mindless first order optimal strategies where all you needed was a sub machine gun and you can pretty much plough through everyone (I'm looking at you Call of Duty:Black Ops) bye are the days of infinitely spamming your enemy with every grenade in your inventory.

I hate how difficult everything is, and how hard it is to get kills, and to not walk 2 feet without getting awped. I hate it.
But I love it. its good to be home <3 CS