The Mass Effect Series

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I want this to be a general discussion on the games but I got something I want to say ...

Why Mass Effect 3's Ending Didn't Matter To Me


So before I played it, I heard the buzz, the hate, all those who weren't happy with the ending and I just thought "Oh no, this is going to be horrible". So I played the game I had fun and I choose the synthesis ending (extended cut on first playthrough by the way). And it finished credit rolled and I didn't care. It wasn't good or bad, it was just enough.
And months after I just kept wanting to go play it again, and again. Finish Mass Effect 3 go back to Mass Effect 1. And I just kept thinking why keep wanting to play the game over and over.

  • Its not the combat system. Its kind of slow in the first 2. the third one was great but it wasn't the reason I played it.
  • Its not the branching dialogue. I always go Paragon anyway
  • Its not about gaining the coolest gear in the game.

Originally I thought it was because I wanted to experience Command Shepard and his story. But I don't think I actually cared that much about saving the galaxy from the reapers.

So I thought of all the choices at the end of the game why did I choose synthesis? Destroy seemed obvious to most as its what's been put into your head for 3 games. Control was an okay Renegade option if you believed in the Illusive Mans ideals.

And then I looked at my desktop wallpaper, which is a picture of Tali on Rannoch (yes Tali was my love interest).It clicked.

The Characters.

The reason why I can only interact with them in the paragon manner. The reason why when I look at videos of other peoples playthoughs with their Commander Shepard, It feels wrong because I can only connect his voice with my Shepard. And I think the only thing I was ever interested in was helping my friends on their journeys throughout the game. Helping Legion find his identity, helping Jack find solace, Returning Tali to her home, Reuniting Thane with his son. Curing the Genophage.
All of what were essentially side stories, were my main focus. What I cared more than anything, was seeing my friends shine on. I think about the quote from one of the Doctor Who episodes, 

"You never interfere in the affairs of other peoples or planets, unless there's children crying."

It just makes me feel like if there's something you can do to help. You should. And I absolutely care for my friends and helping them through tough situations. In the game and in real life.
Sappy? Yes. Cheesy? Yes. Weird? Absolutely
Qualities that I'm happy to carry because that's what I am 97% of the time.

So I guess the reason I choose synthesis was simple.
Everybody Lived.