Hey Sean, I've got a paladin deck here that you may like :)

Drawing inspiration from you and following your example Sean I got around to craft a fine deck with what cards I had in my possession. Thus, I give you - the Mech...ish-a-din.

I'd be really glad if you could try it out on stream some time. Due to major timezone differense and real life stuff I sadly won't be able to catch the live stream, but I'd be more than happy to watch it non-live. :3

Also...if I may be so bold as to ask...If you enjoy the deck, could you...perhaps hit me up with a Heroes of the Storm Beta key? I'm not saying you must or anything to play this...but it would most certainly make me a very happy person! :)

In any case, can't wait to see you rock out with the deck, and stay forever awesome! But, if you can get even more awesome than you already are - go for it! You have my support!