Lorewalker Cho

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Today I finally crafted this card. Wanted to play with it for a while now, just for fun. And I want to share my impressions.

First of all - for all of You who don't know the card: It's 2-mana, 0/4 legendary, with ability: "Whenever a player casts a spell, put a copy into the other player's hand."

So, I built a rogue deck, since I like the class, and wanted to take advantage of stealth mechanics (there is a rogue minion that has battlecry ability to put another minion in stealth). That was the core - Lorewalker Cho and double Master of Disguise. Since it was deck built to have fun with, I threw in Crazed Alchemist (switch attack and health of a minion). And a couple of low attack, high health minions - Oasis Snajpjaw, and 1/7 taunter (can't remember the name). Besides that some cards to draw cards, some buffers, few (not too many) rogue spells and Demolisher - just because. I might throw in the gnome that summons invention for the same reason.

And, I have to say, I didn't expect it to be such a blast (:

Whenever I play the Lorewalker, I can almost see the confusion on the opponent's face. The following round is allways long, while they try to wrap their heads around the problem: "shold I cast the spell or not?". And if I manage to give the guys stealth - that's the sweetest thing there is. It's hard to remove stealthed guy with 4hp (or even 5 at times) with only one spell. Most of the games I got to the point with stealthed Cho were my victory. Recently I see less and less big guys, 7-8 drops with plenty of attack and hp, people tend to rely more on spells and board controll, scarred of having the big guy removed cheaply. It actually really helps me, because I don't have to take care of such a pain.

Not to mention that it makes secrets known to me. This one game, a mage played secret. I got counterspell in my hand. So next round I played Bladeflurry (countered and copied to the mage) and then my own counterpell secret (also copied to the mage). This then countered his blizzard (and yes, I got the copy (:   ) . Seriously, it went on for few rounds, almost like a game of ping-pong.

Today I played only casual mode, but hey, I will tinker with the deck a little, and maybe I will incorporate Cho in my deck permanently? It really throws mages off balance (:

Wonder how would it be to combo Cho with headcrack... One could really flood opponents hand with that after few rounds (:

As for another part of my deck added "just for fun". I noticed that if the enemy has no one-card removal at hand, he leaves low attack, high health minions be. And the next round - BAM!, whot do You know, suddenly it's low healt, high attack minion hitting them in the face. It works around 50% of the time. I don't fish for the combo, but I use it whenever it's in my hand.