U go air - I don't care

Well it's quite simple - from time to time we get those games where in the middle of the game 1 player (lets say PA) goes all ground and another one (PB) openes with air. What will PA do? Usually he panics out and starts to try really hard to kill that air stuff.
I say - lets try another strategy - as PA is going really deep in ground units - try to crush your opponent with them, while just bearly getting any defense like measures to stay alive long enough.

Let me give you an example:
PA goes Stephano like 12m 4hatch roach all in
PB goes straight Voidray push

About 10th min PB has about 4-5 VR and goes for the attack. PA has fairly map control and sees it coming. Well I would like to see will PA be able to make just 2-3 queens and 1-2 spores to kill a VR or 2, while in the same time just steamroll the enemy.

So to make it more simple: One player faces air opening but still makes his ground rush and steamrolls the opponent while leaving those air do whatever they want. I tend to see players just panic out in situations like this rather than just crush with their forces.

This could be made with roaches/links/ultras(this is not likely to happen)/zelots/immortals/DT/colosus/roader/helion/tank. Just don't care about that air and kill them with ground.