Choosing my career: gaming/eSports related jobs.

Greetings, fellow Internet dwellers. I have come from the distand lands of Poland. I am 15 years old, and in half a year it will be time for me to choose my high school. I didn't know who to ask, but since I've seen Day9's community resolve a lot of inspiration/lifestyle issues, I figured I'll try as well. You see, all my life, since I was like 3, I've loved video games. I've always tried to beat every single game that interested me, and I still do - the newest Thief unlocks tomorrow, and I plan to do a full ghost playthrough. I'm also, of course, a Starcraft maniac. I watch every major tournament as well as Day9's dailes and a lot of other eSports stuff. I also, albeit with less passion, watch LoL tournaments from time to time. But enough of this crap - let's get down to business. I need a job in "the industry". As in - I really need it. I see people like Day9, TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox, etc. and I think - if they can, why not me? I do not see myself doing anything else, unless of course a life of unhappiness and sorrow can be counted as 'something else'. However, what I need is a college degree. And a job. I've thought a lot about this, and the most brilliant idea that comes to mind is either Computer Science or Software Engineering. What I want to know is if that will satisfy me, or will it just turn my love of games into a strictly work relationship? Can I, after obtaining one of the degrees I've mentioned, get a job that will actually be related to eSports or gaming? Someone, help! Thanks a lot in advance. It really means a lot to me.