Hello! I'm currently working on a project where I do a replay analysis, then apply the things that we learn/extract from the replay. It should be starting either next week, or the first week of December - I'll make a bigger post outlining the project's goals, methods, and structure when I have a solid release date.

I am currently a Gold-Level Zerg, formerly Platinum in past seasons of the Starcraft ladder. You may know me as Fox.

Here's what I'd like from you, for now:

I want replays. I'd like to get them from this community, because Sean's Dailies and this community are a big source of inspiration, and I'd love to give back to all of you by giving you shout outs.

EMail me at , in the subject please include "SC2 Replay {Your Screenname Here}" so I know it's you. Attach your replay to the EMail. If you'd like to leave a description of the game, that'd be wonderful. I'll be choosing three from the set I receive to use for my first three showings. If I use your replay, I'll EMail you back the youtube link when I publish it.