[Big Update] Version 0.9 Update Notes

Hello DayKnights and other nobilities. Its been a while but I have finally rounded up another 'official' version that is more than just experiments and bugfixes.

Download link Version 0.9: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20547271/CMDAdventure%20v0.9.zip

What is new in this version? (Mostly in retrospect of version 0.8-0.8.5)


  • Your health will now be properly reset when you 'die', before it would be stuck at whatever value you died at.
  • The healing mechanics did not apply the effectiveness-percentage properly. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed a bug where after completing the first quest all copies of your equipped weapon would get enchanted. If you had multiple of the same weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where the green (!) quest marker would only appear once when a quest was marked as 'complete but not yet turned in'. (when you do actions in that town)
  • Option for character info and inventory added to the castle-node.
  • Fixed a bug where critical damage was not displayed properly if you received it from armors (only visual, calucation used the correct amount).
  • Changed the savemechanics to remove STA/STR/DEX from your weapons, then save the data as base stats and then add them back after saving is done. (and after loading)


Balance Changes:

  • The EXP Curve has been updated to be more steep at later levels, making it a bit harder to gain high levels fast. (In the old curve level 2-4 were actually easier than level 1. This has also been fixed).
  • The conditions for the second quest are lowered by a little bit. (Instead of needing level 10 equipment, you only need level 9 because this is better matched with the levels of dropable items).
  • Added a level 5 Hyena enemy which can be found in the wolf den.
  • Early level monsters stats have been tweaked slightly (Wolf, Wild Dog etc).
  • Balanced out amount of monsters in locations, each location has 3 monsters with all equal chance to be encountered.
  • The first two locations (Field & Forest) have their item drop chance lowered from 15% to 10%.
  • All prices of shards (except augmentation stones) have been halved.
  • Augmentation Stone price reduced from 500 to 300.
  • Bandits (random generated enemies) have a crit chance randomly chosen 5-15%
  • Rebalanced the early level requirements for some of the locations to smooth out better.
  • Lowered gold rewards from defeating enemy from 5-15*level to 5-10*level.


Other Changes:

  • Enemies now have a chance to critically hit, these critical hits will deal 125% damage. (values range from 5-25% for various enemies)
  • Rewrote the code that presents duplicate enemies from being encountered in a row. Each location now tracks its last encountered enemy and should guarentee a different one each encounter.
  • Added level 50 and level 75 Dragons to the game that can be encountered in a similar way to bandits. (Only when you are level 35+).
  • Added Item rarity to the game, [Common], [Rare] and [Exquisite]. All droppable items are standard common items but can be rare or exquiste, rare of exquisite items have enhanced statistics when they are dropped. Boss rewards are standard [Rare].
  • Prologue is now added to the game.
  • Added description to shards when inspecting them and also when choosing them with augmentation.
  • Added text to blacksmith to explain augmentation.
  • Added back buttons for traveling and throwing away items.
  • Added option to the city's blacksmith to purchase upgrades for item rarities.
  • Added several new quests for fighting and killing the first boss.


I'd love to hear some feedback for the new changes and such for this version. A lot of the cool suggestions I already seen will be added to my big 'list of stuff i will for for 2.0' for which I will write a big word document so i have a good overview. Once that is finished I will share that aswell.

For the current progression to version 1.0 I will finish off the quests, maybe do some extra balance and then crack my brain over how to neatly code all the stuff that I need for the last boss (This new stuff is also needed for the new combat system so I have to do it properly from the start to save a lot of pain).