Item Rarity

I have been internally testing some new thingies in addition to the exp curve, I feel myself that the new exp curve is pretty good. I still level up enough to feel it not be too slow (currently only until level 20 because i needed to test my new quests). but the progression feels pretty good. Anyone else who tried it so far?

I also have this early screenshot of what you can expect when you find a rare/exquiste item and how it differs from the regular common version of the same item.

The bonus for rare/exquisite items are percentage calculated. So the stronger the item the better the bonusses. Meaning it is especially good at higher levels.


Currently the complete list for the 0.8.6 update is becoming pretty large,I hope to finish it off soon and release it as 0.9 when I did some more fixes of things that I found and added a few more quests. Then in v0.9 to v1.0 I will be working on the final boss which requires special mechanics/code (Code that is required for the 2.0 combat system too so I will have to approach it in a smart way so a lot of thinking and architecture/desiging is required for that)