Quick update post

Hey Everyone, I've been working a lot on the new version so far. The prologue dialog which was seen in the pdf file is almost completely added in the game (The only thing that is missing is the narration of the last 2 days of traveling).

Aside from that I added an Item Rarity system with color codes, to make special items stand out more.
In the current state only bossrewards are rare items. but later on I intend to make it that any item that can be dropped has a chance to be a 'rare' (=green) or 'exquisite' (=yellow) item. standard items are 'common' (=white) level. When a dropped item is of a higher rarity it will have better stats ofcourse.

Below is an image of how it looks in your inventory.

Item Rarity

I also added another new feature which are high level dragons (50-75) which act as strong minibosses that curently only give experience and gold. But I also have idea's of unique item drops from these high level monsters. You can only find them while traveling from location to location and being at least level 35 or higher.

This is how it looks when a level 20 characters tries to fight a level 50 dragon:



Other things im working on is making sure that the 1-9 options that are shown in each location are better matched up. E.g when you are in a road you can travel with [5]. but in towns and cities this is [7]. I want to make a system were all the things that are always available are on the same keys all the times. And that all the location-specific things are under that. But that involves moving a lot of code around and trying out what works best. So that is something for a later version most likely.

Also made the requirements to complete the second quest a little bit easier, and want to balance the item drops a bit more (i get way to many items when testing).