Re: Some questions

Hi, Thanks for reading again :). Yes the idea is that eventually you will eventually travel to different islands once you have cleared the first island and made sure it is safe. I don't know if these islands will have similar quests or gameplay or something different yet. But it is mostly a story-opening so that expanding the game and the world is already supported in the story. Kind of like how games 'hint' towards sequals. This leaves me open spots for things I can add to the game. But that is for like long term additions most likely.

At the moment the age of the player is purely a novelty for different inner monologue, potentially it could be saved and used later for certain things but I have no idea yet what I could do with it. The spelling things I will process when I am home again :) Since my native language is dutch I can always use feedback for my english writing since its not perfect :). (And since im a fast typer I often make small mistakes i overlook if I write a lot of text in one session).