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Hi, Thanks for your reply and sorry for my later reply. Since I haven't checked the forums for a few days, was away on thursday-friday and then weekend hit :P.

I will have a look in the code when I am home to see what is happening with the player missing and enemy missing. This could be just RNG happening but you never know so that i'll check manually :).

The text displayed during the prologue does not have a direct reference to the stats you receive when you choose the class. So its highly likely that I did something wrong with the text display code or forgot to add the text for the soldier class all together. Will have a look at that aswell, it doesn't affect the stats you retrieve based on the class you select (Tested this earlier when making the prologue).

At least thanks for your reply and trying out the game :) If you encounter anything else or have suggestions/ideas/feedback i'm always happy to receive it.


To give a general update on my progress, I completely re-coded the combat system so this took a bit long, the code was completly changed without altering it from the player perspective. After that I started adding buffs/debuffs mechanics which are used for the final boss of the island. Which is completely now. I will add a few screenshots of how a fight with the boss can look with different buffs/debuffs being applied during combat.

Currently im expanding on this system with a location where you can buy buffs & blessings to affect your combat skills temporarily. More about that later :).