Text-Only Adventure/RPG Game [v0.9.5]

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Hello Dayknights, before I start what this topic is about. I want to introduce me a little bit :) Since it is also my first time posting here.

I am Leonard, currently 21 years old and living in The Netherlands. I have been following day9 for a couple years now I think, I mostly watch on youtube because of europe timezone's its hard to catch the streams.

I studied and majored in software engineering and did a minor of game design during my study (which was 1 year out of my 4 year college). During which I learnt to program Java, C# and learnt to use Unity3d for game development. Currently I work as a regular software/web developer for a small company writing mostly C# code and sometimes doing some frontend html stuffies. In all i have around 5-6 years of experience total in programming (graduated in july 2014, started working straight away at the company i did my internship).

So about the game I am working on. Around in september last year I started working on a small C# project that runs in your commandprompt. Because I still love game design and I wanted to work out just a small RPG like leveling/stat system. But since I am a programmer I made it a text-only game.

I have been working on this for around half a year now and progressed quite a bit :). I am currently at version 0.7 and relatively close to finishing it. Most of the things that I still need to do are writing dialog and story things which go quite slow for me since I am not the best at that.

So what do I want you guys to do? Well I haven't had a lot of people playing my game so far, only like a handful. And I would love some new perspectives, new feedback and new bugs that I can fix. The game can be played pretty quickly and doesnt take hours to invest in. You can play 10-20 minutes and get a good idea of how the game works, get decently far and understand enough to form an opinion. It might take around 30 minutes to complete all the current content, which is at the moment defeating the two available bosses and possible getting the highest level equipment.

So what is the game about? It is an RPG/Adventure like game that has elements inspired from various games like Mount & Blade and mmos and rpgs. The world is split up in various locations that you as the player can travel inbetween. Each location represents a node where you can be at. Nodes can be roads, small towns, cities or castles. Each with their own purposes and available options.

Roads are the most basic and you cannot do a lot while you are on them, but you can always choose to explore a nearby place, which can result in an enemy encounter or a found item. At any time you can check out your character statistics and manage your inventory and ofcourse travel to other locations.

Combat is currently very simple, it is an automated turn based system. Meaning you don't actually have to do anything while fighting. This will be replaced by a pokemon style battle system where you have different skills to choose from each turn to fight. but this is for version 2.0.

Aside from that are towns mainly use for questing and progressing the storyline (which is the least completed at the moment). In cities you can go to the market to buy and sell equipment or gems. and you can talk to the blacksmith to let him upgrade your weapons. WIthin castles there are bosses you can defeat as soon as you find the key to the bossroom.


There are currently two classes that you can play, a Soldier or an Archer. The differences between these classes are in their base stats and their interaction with weapons. An Archer has a dexterity * 2 modifier when using a bow, but a Soldier has no dexterity modifier when using bows at all. But the soldier has a better strength modifier when using swords and axes.

I did not explain all of the various game mechanics and stats and such in depth, but that is kind of my intent aswell. I want to see how easily people pick things up and which things are the more confusing things that need better explaining. Below is a link to the dropbox file that is the latest version of my game.

I also setup a google form for feedback, if anyone wants to voice their opinions through the survey feel free to. But also feel free to ask or comment anything below :).


Game Download (Version 0.9.5) Look for the update notes of latest version in the thread:


The game is created in C# using .NET 4.0 as I remember correctly, it will most likely only run on Windows machines but I am not sure about the other software requirements or what you need to have installed for it. Please let me know if anything weird happens with trying to download the game. It is an .exe packed in a rar file with the other game data added :).

Thank you for reading, Sorry for the long post. Ask any questions below and I will answer them to the best of my ability!