Thank you for playing.

Hey, Thanks for playing my game :). I see your suggestions and they sound pretty good. At the moment there isn't a whole lot to do in the game, This is also why the leveling up is not super grindy since otherwise the whole experience would be even more boring. But definitely adding multiple options when at a location and just adding more random encounters in general would be something on my list to add.

About the story, thats the part what is the least completed at the part and also the hardest for me to implement well, I hope when more quests and dialog are added and all towns are properly filled with data (as you said still test messages somewhere) this feeling would lessen.

I also like the idea of adding consumable items to the combat system, especially when you have a selection of skills to choose from or to use your turn to use an item, it will add a lot more thought to the combat :).

As for the balance, I am always working on updating the overal balance of the game, my last couple updates have been about making the leveling-up choices a bit more balances for both classes.

I'm happy that you took the time to write such an indepth post with your opinions ^_^ Those are always the most helpful.