v0.8.5 New EXP Curve Test!

Download to zip file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20547271/CMDAdventure%20v0.8.5.zip

Hey everyone, Just a quick update with a new version. In this version I wanted to experiment a bit with the EXP Curve, making it a bit slower and harder to level up at later levels. In addition to this change also the Prologue has been fully implemented in the game! + All the other things I have been talking about (dragons and rare items). Although the item-rarity system is only half in place and is only visual at the moment. 

I would appricate it if people could test the new prologue dialogs and the new EXP curve. You will have to get through the prologue at least once to play the game (if you have a save file it skips it). So I hope everyone will enjoy the lore. I am not updating the begin post yet with this version since I don't have a full proper list of all the changes yet. And not all systems are fully complete. so this is more of an experiment version :).