V1.0 - V2.0 clarification

Just to clarify, since I made this post I have gotten 2 reply's so far and with that my mind is already booming with a lot of great new suggestions (thanks). But most of these suggestions I will most likely be adding when I will start working on the '2,0' version. All this really means is that to finish up version 1.0 I want to do the following things still:

-Finish up the quests so that the available quests actually lead you through the game and its objectives with proper lore and storytelling

-Create and implement the final boss, since this boss requires some new logic (that will be needed for the 2.0 combat system anyway, smart planning!) it is not as easy to add as new quests.Making new quests is mostly a lot of dialog/text writing.

After that is done I will start with version 2.0 which includes the 2 still hidden locations in the game, the new combat system with skill's and skilltree's (that might be a lot of work) and implementing many other things that I got from the various suggestions. Mostly the idea is that 1.0 is the 'basic' simple version of the game in its core. and 2.0 really deepens out all or most of the systems to give the player more to do, more to think about and more to play around with really.