Version 0.8 Update!

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Hello everyone, I have worked a lot on my little game and have released a new update.

EDIT: Hotfixed to version 0.8.1 because there was a bug where your health wouldn't reset when you died. resulting in heath values of minus 0.

Download Version 0.8.1:

Download the Prologue Text Concept (pdf file):

I added the prologue dialog text as a pdf because in this update a lot of new lore/story is added, and to best understand it you might want to read the prologue aswell. But as this is not yet implemented you can read it from the pdf.

What has changed in this version:


  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash if you would talk to an elder with no quests.
  • The inventory will not redraw itself anymore when actions are taken in the inventory.
  • The input numbers when used are no longer displayed on the screen to cleanup the screen a bit more.
  • Fixed a bug where you could mess up the text when pressing an action during the writing of the fight information.
  • Fixed a bug where the first health upgrade from level 1 wasnt active until you restarted the game.

Balance Updates:

  • Added new modifier for Strength. Each 3 points of STR now adds 1% Critical Damage.
  • Base hitrate of all classes changed from 35% to 25%.
  • Hitrate modifier for both classes changed from DEX*0.25 to DEX*0.5.
  • Soldier Special Upgrade changed from Defence +1 to Defence +2.
  • Archer Special Upgrade changed from Critical Damage +3% to Critical Damage +5%.
  • Archer crit modifier changed from DEX/5 to DEX*0.2. (end result stays the same)
  • Soldier crit modifier changed from DEX/10 to DEX*0.1. (end result stays the same)
  • Archer evasion/parry modifier changed from DEX/3 to DEX*0.25. (nerfed from 1/3 to 1/4)
  • Soldier evasion/parry modifier changed from DEX/3 to DEX*0.5. (buffed from 1/3 to 1/2)
  • Soldier DEX-damage modifier changed from 0 to 0.5.
  • Archer DEX-damage modifier changed from 2 to 1.5.
  • Archer base evasion changed from 10 to 5. (same as soldier now)
  • Because of the innate synergy with DEX.
    All (except for 1) Archer weapons have their Hitrate reduced by 10%. (example: 50% > 40%)
  • Weapon damage calucation with STR/DEX scaling updated to the same scaling for all weapon types
    DEX Scaling * DEX
    STR Scaling * STR +
    Total damage

Other Updates:

  • You can now increase or decrease the textspeed by pressing + or -
  • Instead of gaining full health after each level up. You will now automatically heal after each fight.
    This is the same restoration as the 'setting up camp' option, which will heal you for 100% effectiveness of your regeneration.
  • After a fight that results in a level up, you will heal for 125% effectiveness.
  • After a fight without a level up you will heal for 75% effectiveness.
  • New death mechanic, upon losing a fight you will not 'die' and reload the last save.
    but instead you will be teleported to the nearest town/city and lose 25% of your gold as hospital fee.
  • Added indicator in the inventory screen of your current level to make seeing if you can equip new items easier.
  • Added an indicator of your current health before you start fighting an enemy.
  • Added a lot of introduction and inhabitant texts to the game.
  • Rewrote the Quest 1 Dialog to better match with the prologue storyline. (Which has been written but not yet implemented)
  • Added new quest to be started at Rivendale after you finished the first quest.
  • Rewrote the leveling up text to reflect the actual stats you gain from each option.


I would like people to test how the new quests work, after you finish the first quest you can start the second quest in rivendale. I havent fully tested the second quest myself. I also would like to know how the new balance updates changes feel and if they make the choices when leveling up more dynamic. And since there is a lot of new lore written I would like to see what everyone's opinions is :). The first quest is almost completely rewritten aswell.

Happy playing!